Welcome to CLASP

CLASP is the acronym of the CUNY League of Active Speech Professors, an association for all instructors of Speech (oral presentation skills) in CUNY. Founded in 2004, CLASP's mission is to promote the communication discipline within the City University of New York and to foster the pedagogical practices and research of its faculty. We prepare our students to communicate effectively as democratic citizens in a global environment. We accomplish our mission by sponsoring faculty colloquia, forums for students speeches, and networking opportunities for students, faculty, and communication professionals.

These are our goals:
to share our skills, materials, problems and solutions
to publicize Speech-related events
to provide support for new faculty
to establish an audience and feedback for pioneering approaches
to stimulate conversation about the basic issues of our discipline
to become a full voice in the university
to be a meeting place, both virtual and actual, for Speech professors
The CLASP Council invites you to join us:
Gordon Alley-Young, President
Alan Winson, Vice President
Patricia Sokolski, Treasurer
Eva Kolbusz, Secretary